Bog_zaplac“God Bless You”

Bóg zapłać, reportage, Czarne 2010, 240 pages, ISBN: 978-83-7536-178-0

Rights sold: Czech Republic (Dokoran)

God Bless You is a collection of reportage writing. The pieces previously appeared in The Rabid Dog and Staircases Don’t Burn. Carefully chosen and put together, they now form a new book. The passing of time and a new social context have added new meaning to the stories and phenomena described in them. God Bless You is not only a complex image of Polish religiousness, but above all a probe into our mentality.

These extreme, tabloid-like, though real-life stories when described by Tochman are no longer one-dimensional; they evolve into multi-layered stories with a sociological edge, psychological insight, metaphysics and literary mastery which shows Tochman’s great feeling for detail.

Juliusz Kurkiewicz, “Polityka”