Dzisiaj_narysujemy_smierc“Today We’re Going to Draw Death”

Dzisiaj narysujemy śmierć, reportage, Czarne 2010, 144 pages ISBN: 978-83-7536-228-2

Rights sold: France (Noir sur Blanc)

Today We’re Going to Draw Death shows the scars of the Rwandan genocide that can still be found today. These scars are the fortunes of particular individuals, both victims and their neighbours, who have committed crimes. As in Tochman’s book about Bosnia Like Eating A Stone, in these dramatic accounts too, graves and long-delayed burials are important. But what matters even more is to gain insight into the cruel events that were enacted in a country that can now be seen in its fragile, ostensible normality.
The book has some remarkable heroines, women who out of pure kindness once tried to hide someone in danger. But there are other people too, including clerics, whose attitude raises some disturbing questions. Tochman also bids us examine their immature attitude to the requirements of the border situation. This insight leaves a painful echo, but we must listen to this sort of echo too.
What for? To learn the lesson that we don’t know what we would do if we were faced with that kind of situation. As he talks about dark and terrifying things, at the same time Tochman gives a lesson in courageous sympathy.

Halina Bortnowska